Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ - is providing this section to make your experience on this web site the best. Please come back often, we will be adding to this page often.   Please Note:  If you are not a Rotarian, sorry, but you cannot use this web site.  This site is for active Rotarians who have been a member of Rotary for a minimum of 4 months. 


What is the purpose of this web site?
This site was created out of the need to conduct business with other Rotarians around the world. When needing a service or a product, it has proven to be a better price and quality of service when working with a fellow Rotarian.

When was this web site created?
The thought process to develop a safe haven for Rotarians to conduct business together was started in 2009. The project took shape and became a web site in 2011.

Is the web site safe to conduct business?
Yes and NO. Yes, it is safe for the processing of the annual $99.95 fee. However, when you conduct business with another Rotarian, that transaction is not conducted on this web site. Any transaction between 2 or more Rotarians is done between them and is their sole responsibility and with any business practice, due diligence should be implemented.

Does make any money or fee for each transaction between two Rotarians?
NO. We charge an annual fee for posting 5 buy and 5 sell advertisements and 1 profile page.

On the site it mentions donating a portion of the profit the seller generates from using this web site, is that true?
Yes, we "suggest" the seller donate a very tiny portion of their profit back to Rotary. This suggestion does not go to this web site. It is a suggestion for the seller to click on the link at the top of the page and donate directly to Rotary or they can send funds directly to any club, district, zone or project they desire. Giving back is another way Rotarians shine in the community.

What happens if someone posts an advertisement that is not appropriate, either by language or by an image?
Please report any incident immediately, click here will take you to the contact us page. Any improper language or images will be removed. Even though we are all adults, this is a family safe site and Rotarians are and will conduct them self with respect to all. 

What if I sell products and would like to display 10 or 20 different products?
Each yearly package offers 5 buys and 5 sell advertisements. You can buy as many yearly packages as you need to display as many different products to buy or sell as you desire.

How does this site work as a revenue generator for my Rotary Club?
The web site is designed in two directions. 1) We would use Salespersons, Manager of Salesperson and a General Manager to make sales and run the site for yearly sales packages. 2) The other direction is to let the individual Rotary Club sell directly to their members or other Rotarians around the world and they would retain the money associated with eliminating salesperson. That would generate $25 per sale, plus the $5 they would be entitled to if their club member buys a yearly package, making the total revenue for the club $30 per yearly package.

How does the changing of an advertisement work and am I allowed to make changes?
Yes, you can make as many changes as you desire. Also, if your buy or sell advertisement is fulfilled, you can post a new advertisement anytime of the day. You are given 5 buy and 5 sell advertisements per yearly package. There is no limit to how many different products / services you post within those 10 advertisements. You can replace advertisements daily if you wish.

What if I see someone on this web site buying or selling anything and they are really not a Rotarian?
Immediately contact this web site. You can email or call us (702-242-4482), but it is extremely important that we know if someone is in violation of our web site rules. Please tell me the person name and why you think they are not a Rotarian. We will contact their club of record and if they are not a true Rotarian they will be deleted and banned from this web site for life. Email us if there is a problem.

I see this web site suggests the seller should donate additional money to Rotary, why are you suggesting this additional donation, I do not understand?
The 1% donation was a suggestion and realizing all of us give time and money already to Rotary, giving a 1% of profits did not seem like a huge request. Having an area where you can deal with other Rotarians worldwide should be worth a lot more than $99 a year and 1% of profits.

Why would you offer 5 sell and 5 buy advertisements, I really only want to sell items?
Every person whether in business or retired consumes goods and services and therefore we gave equal buying / selling advertisements. We surveyed many people and they told us they felt comfortable about buying even small items from other Rotarians. When using this web site properly, you can create many new buying and selling avenues with other Rotarians than you expected.

How do I contact a buyer or seller?
Online you will see the ability to email the person or their phone numbers.  How they are contacted is up to the person posting the advertisement. If the advertiser desires only by email or phone, that is they choice. Also, you will see an image that allows email contact. Another safety factor offered by this web site are no persons email address is displayed. This eliminates email harvesting and will not allow spam companies to gather email addresses.

I understand this site is for Rotarians, but I want to put products on the site that I sell in my company. Are selling my company products approved?
Yes. Products offered by a Rotarian’s company are 100% approved. The overall concept of this site is to allow Rotarians to do business with other Rotarians. By sharing products and services Rotarians deals in every day will be products other Rotarians would be interested in and become buyers if the price is right.

do you have some type of tutorial or presentation about this site that I could view and possibly show to my club and fellow Rotarians?   
Yes. We have a long, about 30+ pages, pdf presentation that gives you the workings of the web site and all the avenues of how to use  I would not say it is the best for presentations because it is way to long and goes into depth that is not needed when you first tell someone about  Click here to view the pdf presentation. Remember, it is a large file and will take some time to load depending on your connection speed.



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