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The first Rotary Club was formed in Chicago in 1905 with the premise that individuals of the highest business and ethical standards could join together in fellowship to serve one another and the community in a spirit of mutual respect and goodwill.

The Four Way Test was developed as an encapsulation of this spirit:
• Is it the truth?
• Is it fair to all concerned?
• Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
• Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

What is RotariansConnectD5300.com? RotariansConnectD5300.com has been developed in this spirit to tap 21st century technology and the global communication and connection power of the Internet to allow Rotarians to connect, and do business with like-minded Rotarians worldwide.

In 1915 Rotary International adopted the Rotary Code of Ethics defining 11 duties of a Rotarian. The fourth and sixth duties are particularly relevant to the driving concept behind RotariansConnectD5300.com:

To hold that the exchange of my goods, my service and my ideas for profit is legitimate and ethical, provided that all the parties in the exchange and benefited thereby.

To conduct my business in such a manner that I may give a perfect service equal to or better than my competitor, and when in doubt, to give added service beyond the strict measure of debt or obligation.

The founders of RotariansConnectD5300.com have always wanted to do business with other Rotarians striving towards these same goals. Considering the global reach of Rotarians, we believe all Rotarians would be interested in doing business with other Rotarians.

RotariansConnectD5300.com provides a platform for Rotarians around the globe to offer their products and services exclusively to other Rotarians. In the true spirit of Rotary, a portion of all proceeds generated from this service will be donated to Rotary International and the members’ home club, as well as funds to District and Zone.

This web site is for the exclusive use of Rotarians that are in good standing within their club and have been a Rotarian for a minimum of four (4) months. This web site is password protected and is free to view all buyers and sellers for all Rotarians worldwide. Click here to obtain a password.

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