2 Ways to Register at RotariansConnectD5300.com:

#1  Free to Register and you will be able to view all Rotarians with buy and sell items from around the world. 

There is no membership fee, just complete a very short form to prove you are a Rotarian and you are on your way to interacting with other Rotarians worldwide.

Should you desire to buy or sell something with another Rotarian that transaction is between the two of you only.  We do not get involved with any transactions.  This site is provided for the ease of meeting and dealing with other Rotarians from around the world. If you are a Rotarian and wish to view the other Rotarians items they desire to sell or buy, registration is free.  

#2  For Rotarians desiring to post advertisements to buy and/or sell products or services for other worldwide Rotarians to work with you. 

We appreciate you / your company advertising on our web site. This is a two-part registration. On the first form we will gather your credit card where you will be asked to pay $99.95 for one year of posting of 5 buyer or 5 seller items within this web site. On second form insert information about you / your company and select a password. By completing the form below you are agreeing to our Terms of Service - Privacy Policy - Terms of Use Agreement. If you do not agree to these Policies please do not complete the form. Our Terms of Service - Privacy Policy - Terms of Use Agreement.  



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