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Welcome and please read this page to get a complete feel of the spirit this web site was developed and how you can participate.  For those returning, you may click on any image below.

This web site was created to give Rotarians a way to work with other Rotarians worldwide.  In every business, there are always items needed and surplus items that need to be sold off.  What better way to increase your business than work with other Rotarians. 

As stated on the index page and the footer of every web page, this site is owned and operated by Rotarians, but it is NOT part of Rotary.  We operate independently of Rotary and even though we provide a lot of the proceeds from this web site to and various Zones, Districts and Rotary Clubs, we want it explicitly stated this site is not part of Rotary.

To view all sellers and buyers and clubs is FREE to any Rotarian who has been in Rotary a minimum of 4 months and in good standing with their club.  To obtain entry into this site, fellow Rotarians please click on this link. 

If you desire to post items for sale and/or items to buy, there is a small fee.  Each Rotarian desiring to advertise on this web site is given a full web page explaining details about themselves, their Rotary highlights, their company and contact information. Additionally, they receive ten other web pages.  Each of these additional web pages is where they can list 1-5 items for sale and/or 1-5 items they need to purchase.  (Club purchases will have a full identity page with information being displayed about your club, meeting time, place, etc., plus the 5 buy and 5 sell advertisement pages. District purchases will have a full identity page with information being displayed about their District, clubs within their District, upcoming events, etc., plus the 5 buy and 5 sell advertisement pages.)

Each item to buy or to sell will have a description title that each word is able to be searched by visitors to this web site.  Besides the title, there will be a description of each item (1000 characters) and the ability to display 1-8 images, price and terms, and contact info. 

The cost for each Advertisement (5 items to buy and 5 items to sell and 1 identity page) is only $99.95 per year. 

The Advertiser has the right to change, modify, add, delete their 10 total listings (5 Buy - 5 Sell) as often as they desire.  There are no other costs associated with being listed on this web site to receive the 5 buy and 5 sell listing capabilities.  For those Rotarians desiring to post more than 5 buy or sell items, for each $99.95 per year, you will be given 5 more buy and 5 sell listings.  There is no limit on the number of Advertisements a Rotarian can buy.

Even though we are all Rotarians, we still must post the legal statement regarding no Advertisements may contain adult material or any other material that is offensive.  This is a site for mature adults to buy - sell - meet other Rotarians,  and therefore it should and will remain family friendly.

Obviously there is a cost to provide this web site, the database, advertisements, daily maintenance, web site updating, and updating software. Additionally, there are credit card fees, the myriad of costs to operate a business and with all that said, in the next paragraph is a break down of how the $99.95 yearly fee is dispersed.

Price for 1 Year Advertisement Package - Identity Home Page & 5 buy, 5 sell Advertisements $99.95
Donation to the Advertiser's Rotary Club -$5.00
Commission to Advertiser's Club or District if they are registered -$35.00
Donation to Advertiser's District (When sale is outside District 5300) -$5.00
Donation to Advertiser's Zone -$5.00
Donation to Rotary International (The Rotary Foundation - Polio or their choice) -$2.50
Donation to Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee PR Project -$2.50
Donation to Founding District 5300 -$5.00
Payment for Marketing Materials / Salespersons -$5.00
Donation to a Rotary Entity  (Selection by Richard Reed, owner of RotariansConnectD5300) -$5.00
Cost to provide web site for 1 year... maintenance, credit card processing fees, bandwidth, software upgrades, equipment periodical upgrades, -$18.00
Contingency - (Held for service related, legal, and unforseen costs that may be associated with this site.) -$7.00
Gross Profit for owning and operating this web site, $4.95. From this gross amount we deduct general overhead costs of operating a business - insurance, licenses, employees, accounting,  IT costs, etc. $4.95

Rotary clubs desiring to use as a fund-raising tool can enjoy up to $40.00 per sale contributions. Call 702-242-4482 or email us for full details.

Please note: 

Yes, as the owner of this web site we plan, if everything goes perfect and there are no additional costs to operate, on making $4.95 "gross"  from every sale of a 1 year Advertisement.  It is very easy to see this site is not operated to make a fortune.  This web site is operated as a safer arena to conduct business in this economic turmoil by conducting business with other Rotarians. 

There is one other area of cost "we suggest" for the Seller of Products / Services on this web site. "We suggest" on every sale, the Seller considers setting aside 1% of the NET PROFITS be donated to either your Rotary Club, District, Zone or Since all transactions are done directly with buyer and seller, there is no way to enforce this suggestion. We feel working with other Rotarians and the safety this provides is well worth 1% of the Net profits. Let your conscious be the guide of whether or not you send in a donation to your Club, District, Zone and/or directly to   

We feel providing an additional benefit for being associated with Rotary is to work with other Rotarians worldwide. This web site will also give fellow Rotarians a way to prove to their employer it is a valid reason why the employer should allow the Rotary time off to attend Rotary functions and the benefit this site provides to expand businesses is well worth the monthly dues to be a Rotarian.  This site is also a great tool in recruiting new members to show one more benefit of joining Rotary.

So there you have it, the reason for this web site, the costs associated with Advertising to other Rotarians and how the money from the Advertisements is dispersed.   If you have any questions, comments, observation or maybe you want to become a salesperson and help us develop this web site worldwide, please click here and let us hear from you.

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