Advertiser Guarantee - offers Advertising with a GUARANTEE. is proud to offer a Guarantee on your advertisements placed on this web site. How it works is simple and this is a first for advertising..   Any person, club or district who has previously bought or any future purchasers of a one year $99.95 package are automatically illegible for this Guarantee.

The Advertising Guarantee

When you purchase a one year advertising package, $99.95 for 11 pages of advertisements, you receive our GUARANTEE of satisfaction. At the end of the 1 year, if you feel you did not get enough volume of business from your 11 pages of advertisements, you will be given 6 more months FREE.

This offer is valid for any Rotarian or Club in any city, including Districts. The Only rule is that you must post all 11 pages of advertisements for the year to be eligible for GUARANTEE. (This includes the Identity page, plus 5 buy ads and 5 sell ads)  Using the 4 Way Test, if you are not satisfied, you get another 6 months FREE. This GUARANTEE is for any Rotarian, Club or District buying an advertising package from today forward and all previous buyers qualify.




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